How to Beat a Coin Pusher Machine?

How to Beat a Coin Pusher Machine?

Have you got your Coin Pusher 365, or are you planning to get one? Do you want to become a pro at it and surprise your fellow Coin Pusher lovers? In this blog post, we'll share some amazing tips to help you level up your coin pusher game.

Here are some creative ways to beat a coin pusher machine:

1) Don't Beat It Physically 😁

Just kidding. Sometimes in the heat of the game, when the coin pusher machine is constantly challenging you and your prizes aren't moving, you might feel tempted to give the machine a nudge. But let's not talk about that! Instead, we've got some actual tips for you.

2) Observe the Pattern

Winning at a coin pusher challenge is often seen as luck, but there's also skill involved. Pay attention to the pattern – where coins drop the most, where they have the most impact, and when to add more coins. You'll notice a pattern that helps you make better decisions and beat your opponent or the machine.

3) Fill the Gaps

To beat the coin pusher machine, make sure there aren't any empty spots on the coin bed. Every coin should fit snugly together like a puzzle piece. When there are no gaps, it's easier for coins to push each other. Otherwise, you'll keep wasting coins without seeing results.

4) Watch Out for Hidden Holes 

Most coin pushers have hidden holes where coins disappear, and Coin Pusher 365 has two. Be aware of these holes and strategically place your coins to avoid them. For example, if you're putting too many coins on the sides without seeing results, this might be why.

5) Judge the Level of Difficulty

Knowing how the coin pusher works can make you a pro at it. Pay attention to the lip mechanism – the height of the lip determines the game's difficulty. Also, there are 5 hidden hurdles that make the game a little more challenging. Understanding this mechanism helps you make better decisions about strategy.

6) Strategy: Aggressive vs. Conservative

In a coin pusher challenge, you have a limited number of coins to win. Decide when to use an aggressive strategy – pushing many coins – and when to be conservative – adding coins slowly and waiting for the right moment. For example, start conservatively, but when your prizes are near the lip, switch to an aggressive approach.

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