Are Coin Pushers Legal?

Note: Coin Pusher 365 does not give any legal advice. This blog post is just for informational purposes, not as legal advice.

Are Coin Pushers Legal?

The legality of coin pushers varies depending on the location. Coin pushers are generally considered illegal because of their secretive design, which incorporates hidden mechanisms that make coins disappear, allowing the house to collect them as free money. The amount of money lost is often unknown and difficult to estimate. Furthermore, commercial coin pushers are associated with gambling, so all gambling laws apply to them.

What about the Coin Pusher 365?

Here are a few things that will help you make a better decision about the Coin Pusher 365.

1. Not for Real Gambling

The Coin Pusher 365 is for home entertainment only. It is not suitable for real gambling because it does not have any features that can make it a commercial coin pusher. The difference between a commercial coin pusher and the Coin Pusher 365 is that of a real car and a toy car. Both have different purposes.

2. No Coin Acceptor Installed

Coin acceptors, also known as coin mechs or coin validators, are devices used to accept and validate coins in machines as a form of payment. The Coin Pusher 365 does not have anything like that. So it cannot be used as a commercial coin pusher for real gambling.

3. No Anti-Cheat Mechanism

Another reason why the Coin Pusher 365 is different from commercial coin pushers is that it does not have any anti-cheat mechanism. For example, real gambling coin pushers have a tilt sensor as an anti-cheat mechanism to find out if someone is pushing or shaking the machine. The Coin Pusher 365 does not have anything like that.

4. Always a Win-Win Game

There is always a win-win scenario in playing with the Coin Pusher 365. You are the house, you are the player. You already own everything you put in the Coin Pusher 365 as a prize. You play the game not to win money or prizes, you play the game just to enjoy the coin pusher.

5. You Decide The Value of Coins

Another amazing feature that makes the coin pusher different is that it allows you to decide the value of the coins. Coin Pusher 365 gives you metal coins but you can use any type of coins that fit the chutes. You can give your own value to the coins for fun or use your own quarters.

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