Things to Consider Before Buying a Coin Pusher Machine for Your Home

Are you looking for a coin pusher machine for your home? This guide will help you make a better decision. 

Here are some factors you need to consider before buying a coin pusher machine for your home.

1. Is It Designed for Home Use?

If a coin pusher is not designed especially for home use, there can be many challenges, from legality to cost to a bulky design that takes up too much space and isn’t suitable for every household. This tip may not have been helpful some time ago because there wasn’t any coin pusher in the market specially designed for home use. But now this tip is valid because the Coin Pusher 365 has solved this problem. It ticks all the boxes for a perfect home coin pusher machine.

2. Does it Offer Professional Quality?

Another important thing you need to check is: does the coin pusher for your home has the same quality as a professional coin pusher. It should be able to give you the same experience and fun you get at an arcade. Otherwise, you might get bored of the machine easily and may not get the value for your investment. The Coin Pusher 365 solves this problem too with its high-quality build. You won’t feel like you are playing in your home, instead, you will get the true arcade vibe.

3. Does it Have the Necessary Features?

A home coin pusher might not include all the features of a professional one due to legal restrictions, but it's important to ensure it still offers everything you need for a fun experience. Make sure it has exciting features like hurdles and hidden challenges and has a similar feel to keep the excitement alive!

4. Does it Have an Eye-catching Design?

The design and look of a coin pusher is also extremely important. It should stand out in your game room and catch everyone’s attention. A beautiful and sporty design can drive everyone’s interest and give a fun vibe while playing. The Coin Pusher 365 has the classic arcade color and theme design that can change your inner coin pusher enthusiast and give you a nostalgic vibe. 

5. Is it Compact and Portable?

Coin pushers don’t need to be too bulky or heavy. You should be able to change its location in your home easily. The Coin Pusher 365 is a perfect example of that. It is a compact and lightweight machine that can easily fit on a table in your game room. It comes in a small size without compromising important features and functions. 

6. Do You Get Support and Add-ons?

Maintenance and support are always the most important factors in buying valuable things. With a coin pusher, you might need add-ons like extra coins and support to use and maintain the machine conveniently. Apart from extra coins, there are add-ons designed by the Coin Pusher 365 customers to enhance their experience. They also sell them to share the fun with others.  Check out our page related to that. 

The Arcadro has a community of Coin Pusher 365 enthusiasts. You can join the Coin Pusher 365 Facebook group to connect with your fellow Coin Pusher users.

These tips may help you convert your dream of having a perfect coin pusher in your home into a reality. Visit the Acradro Shop Section to get your coin pusher.

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