Create Your Own High Limit Coin Pusher

What is a High Limit Coin Pusher?

A high limit coin pusher is when the rewards are really big. Making a high limit coin pusher adds more excitement and fun to the game. It keeps players interested and thrilled the whole time. With Coin Pusher 365, you can make a high-limit coin pusher right in your own home. Here's how:

How to Create a High Limit Coin Pusher?

Here are a few ways to make your high-limit coin pusher more exciting:

1. Build a Coin Tower

When you think of a top-notch coin pusher, you probably picture a coin tower. It's a sign of a high-limit coin pusher. A coin tower adds extra excitement. As you keep playing, it gets closer and closer to the edge, keeping you more engaged. You can double the joy by using high-value chips. Just be careful not to build it too high, or it might get too heavy to move.

2. Plan a Coin Tower Strategy

For a high limit coin pusher, you can plan a coin tower strategy. To make the game more exciting, create a smaller tower behind the larger one. When you add new coins, they move the smaller tower, which then moves the larger one. When one tower falls, it causes the other to fall too, making the game even more intense.

3. Add a Surprise

To make your high-limit coin pusher even more thrilling, hide a surprise inside. You can put it inside the coin tower. Use a high-value surprise like a piece of jewelry or silver to make it thrilling. If you can’t find something like that, then you can hide a bar of special chocolate, collectible coins, mini toys, or whatever your little ones will be surprised to see. So when the coin tower collapses, the surprise is revealed. If you hide it in a small pouch, it adds more excitement to finish the game quickly and see what's inside.

4. Let The Difficulty Level Be High

Coin Pusher gives you the option to remove the lip of the coin pusher if you want to make it easier. But don’t use that feature if you have set a high-limit coin pusher. A high limit coin pusher should be a special challenge. You don't want it to end too quickly. Let it be challenging to test your skills and keep the game exciting. Also, you have the option to add or remove 5 hidden hurdles. So the tougher the game, the longer you'll enjoy it, but find the perfect balance between challenge and fun.

5. Try New Prizes

Since there's no winning or losing in Coin Pusher 365, you can experiment with new types of prizes. For example, if your kids love mini toy cars, you can include them as prizes. The prize chute can handle most small items. It can fit prizes up to the size of a 74 x 45mm card.

6. Get More Coins

A high limit coin pusher needs more coins than usual. You need them to build coin towers and make the game more challenging. Some players may use a lot of coins, so it's good to have extras. Coin Pusher 365 offers packs of 500  and 1000 extra coins.

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