It's the beginning of 2020. The world went in a lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We worked from home, homeschooled our children and missed out on a lot of fun activities, like playing on coin pushers.

That's when the idea for the Coin Pusher 365 came to life. From a DIY project, to a business with over 1000 machines sold in 15 countries! The Coin Pusher 365 is the one and only Coin Pusher machine to play at home. Now available in the US and in Europe!

Casper (right), Founding Father of Arcadro. Henok (left), Co-Founder of Arcadro.

(Casper, founder Arcadro) Ever since I was a kid I loved going to arcade halls and the carnival. I have spent many hours playing claw machines, skeeball and Coin Pusher machines. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I really missed going on family outings, enjoying time with friends, and playing coin-operated arcade games. You can guess which game I missed the most... So I went from coin pusher enthusiast to coin pusher producer! Let me go back a few years to explain how that happened.

  • THE TEAM: from left to right Casper, Henok, Julia, Thomas and Nina

When I was home a lot, I missed playing arcade machines and I searched for second hand machines to play at home. I saw that small pinball machines, video games and claw machines were available for purchase, but a compact coin pusher did not yet exist.

So I decided to build my own! A DIY project was born.

  • The First Sketches!

I started sketching and looking for components... But building one myself turned out to be harder than expected. It was also clear that a pre-made machine wasn't an alternative either. Commercial Coin pusher machines are huge, super heavy and even the used ones are very expensive. 

I decided to change the plan and partner up. Together with a professional arcade game machine manufacturer I created a custom tabletop model, designed to play at home. The first complete prototype was finished in September 2020 and more prototypes would follow. A year later, in september 2021, the first batch of 150 units were ready to be sold.

  • 4 different prototypes from 2020-2022

We launched our own coin pusher website and the units were sold out in a flash! It were intense weeks, shipping orders and waiting for feedback. But it was all worth it. Customers loved it!

We have been gathering customer feedback and improving the model ever since. We have now developed the perfect tabletop Coin Pusher machine for you to enjoy at home. 

In 2022 we decided to crowdfund this product on Kickstarter where we reached our funding goal in just 22 minutes! Kickstarter even awarded us the 'Project We Love' badge. We've sold hundreds of Coin Pushers across Europe and The United States and a whole coin pusher community gathered around our product. It was a great success and very cool period. We hope to continu growing this business to other regions and spread the arcade fun into homes across the globe!

A big thanks to all customers and contributors!

Casper & the Arcadro team